2019 Entertainment Events.

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Sunday, Jun 16
US Sailing Level 1 Instructor Training Course
 Father's Day Lunch BBQ
I-18 Bernard Nizet Father's Day Regatta
Monday, Jun 17
WOW Supper Series @ Norwalk YC
Women's Seamanship
Tuesday, Jun 18
I-18 Tuesday Night Team Racing
Board Meeting
Wednesday, Jun 19
Big Boat July Wednesday Race #1
I-18 Series I
 Wednesday BBQ and Dinner
Thursday, Jun 20
2019 Harbor Safety Drill
 Women's Cruising
Friday, Jun 21
Jr. Program Rigging Day and Swim Test
Saturday, Jun 22
Frost Point Challenge
I-18 Boat Handling Clinic
Jr. Program Rigging Day and Swim Test
Remote Controlled Yachts