the boats 

Pequot Yacht Club has remained an organization devoted simply to boats.  The Club supports an active Junior Program, a large cruising fleet, a club-owned fleet of Ideal 18s, a Dyer Dhow frostbite contingent and a growing Independence Fleet of radio-controlled pond yachts.

When the Junior Program is underway, the sight of a string of Optis and their young sailors being towed out of the harbor on a weekday morning speaks volumes about the future of sailing at Pequot Yacht Club.

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I-18 Sailing Clinic
 Band on a Barge MENU
 Band on a Barge
I-18 Non-spinnaker Series
 Sunday Evening Family Barbecue
Women's Sailing Informal Racing
August Wednesday Race #1
I-18 Series II
 Wednesday BBQ & Dinners