private events

Private events hosted by members for social events are encouraged.  Private events for business, or non personal functions are not permitted.  Private events must not interfere with normal Club usage, and normally they will not be held while the club is in commission.   Events must comply with the rules and guidelines set forth by the Board.  The House Rules on hosting private events are posted on the "Club Documents" page of this site.  Members with questions or wishing to make a request to use the club for a private event may email the House Committee HERE. All member requests for private use of the Club facilities, including boats must be submitted by the hosting member in writing to the House Committee. Please provide as much detail as possible when submitting your request. Date, time, type of event, (wedding, birthday, anniversary, cocktail party), number of guests, and anything else to help the House Committee comprehend the type of event you wish to host.

House rules and Guidelines for private events can be found on the club documents page of this site
(revised October 2016)

Club events

The Entertainment Committee is responsible for a program of Club & Entertainment events for the Yacht Club.  The Committee tries to provide a range of events for all members to enjoy, from low-key family barbeques to elegant dinners, dances and musical events.  The committee also arranges invited expert speakers who discuss timely and sailing related topics.

The committee is made up of volunteers who collaborate on ideas and work together to make them happen.  If you have an idea you think would be fun, please contact them. All club and entertainment events may be viewed on the club calendar page of this site.


Members can make reservations on-line on to most events on the Club Calendar page of this site or by calling 203.255.5740 ex. 40. 

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Friday, Nov 17
Sunday, Nov 19
Frostbiting Fall Series
Annual Meeting
Monday, Nov 20
Galley Closed on Mondays
Thursday, Nov 23
Thanksgiving Club Closed
Friday, Nov 24
Sunday, Nov 26
Frostbiting Fall Series
Monday, Nov 27
Galley Closed on Mondays
Wednesday, Nov 29
 Wednesday Night Dinner