As a club, it is each member’s responsibility to promote membership and participate in the sponsorship of outstanding qualified candidates.  It is important that we all participate in growing and sustaining a vibrant club of members that can share our enthusiasm and interest in sailing.  Members are encouraged to introduce prospective candidates to members of the club, members of the Membership Committee, and members of the Board of Governors prior to the formal application process.  

As in past years, we continue to promote Corinthian members, ages 18 to 36, who are young, committed, enthusiastic sailors, and potential senior members of the future. We continue to enjoy an active Special Activity Member (SAM) program (see below),  which has become an excellent conduit to Senior and Corinthian membership.

membership preference

Membership preference shall be given to a candidate who is an active sailor, has children and is desirous of having them participate in the Junior Yacht Club program, and is willing to be active in club affairs and is active in the community.


The membership cycle is now only offered in the Spring.  The Membership Committee begins to focus on the task of identifying potential new members who share our commitment to sailing and to the ideals of Pequot Yacht Club. Members wishing to propose a candidate will initiate the process by contacting the Membership Chair. The formal process begins with the submission of required documents by September 15.  The process continues over the next few months as candidates meet the Membership Committee and BOG at informal club gatherings.  Candidates are voted in at the February Board of Governors meeting. The Membership Committee also reserves the right to hold a special membership cycle.


Pequot Yacht Club offers limited participation to adult non-members in two activity groups, Frostbiting (November 1 through March 31)  and the Ideal 18 program. (April 1 through October 31).  Members wishing to propose a candidate begin the process by contacting the Frostbiting or Ideal  18 / One Design Chair for proposal form.  The candidate's proposal is reviewed and approved by the Membership Committee and voted on at Board meeting(s) prior to the respective season.  The deadline for the Ideal 18 program is March 1st, and for the Frostbite program, October 1st.  The SAM proposal form may be obtained from the Membership Chair or the Chair of the activity group or by clicking the link below.
SAM Proposal Form