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Going for a recreational sail?  Please be sure to complete a FLOAT PLAN prior to leaving the porch.


The Ideal 18 One-Design program at Pequot Yacht Club is all about getting sailors on the water.  Whether it's an instructional clinic, racing, recreation or family fun, the One-Design Program seeks to meet the needs of the PYC membership. Check out the links below for this year's vision of the program.  Click HERE to sign up for the program. Use Xpiron, the online booking program, to sign up for all events and recreational use.  Shumway Marine is the exclusive distributor of the Ideal 18; visit their page for boat  information, class rules, and what is going on around Long Island in this class.

I 18 Special Activity members

Our SAMs (Special Activity Members)  are eager to be on the water.   Please contact them if you are looking for crew. See the Current SAM Roster for contact information.


2017 One-Design Registration Card  PDF Fill-in format

2016  Ideal 18 Handbook

Safety Guidelines & Procedures
Rules of the Road
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