Race Committee

Pequot race committee

Pequot’s 60-boat auxiliary sailing fleet and One-Design fleets have a busy racing schedule off Southport.

Pequot’s races are run by member volunteers. Having sailors run their own races helps them appreciate all the factors that go into creating a successful event for all participants and makes them better sailors. While One-Design races can be and often are run by one person, spreading the race committee duties for bigger boats among many people is easier and more enjoyable for all of them. Before the season begins, experienced PRO's lead training sessions for all positions. Pequod, our race committee boat, boasts a shaded cockpit with all equipment and conveniences needed to run the races easily comfortably. Any members who would like to participate are urged to attend and sign up! 

Volunteers, both old and new, are welcome to join the Pequot Race Committee.  Come aboard Pequod to see how it’s done, or attend a training session for one of the needed roles.

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