Racing Rules of Sailing

Over the past few years, Pequot has taken a leadership role to further the understanding of the Racing Rules of Sailing.   Beyond hosting local rules seminars, Pequot members also have played critical roles to develop the Racing Rules of Sailing and to teach those rules to sailors of all levels throughout the country.



The Protest Committee is formed of volunteers who are familiar with the Racing Rules of Sailing.  In coordination with the Race Committee, the Protest Committee is charged with reviewing and crafting the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for all Pequot hosted events. In smaller ad-hoc groups or assembled in full, the committee members will hear all protests filed in Pequot races. 

2009 - 2012 Racing Rules of Sailing  (RRS)2009 - 2012 Case Book

2009 - 2012 RRS by Section

Introduction, Basic Principals & Parts 1- 7
Appendices A - C, Scoring & Match Racing
Appendices D - G, Team Racing, Radio-Controlled & Appeals
Appendices H - K, Weight
Appendices L - N, Instructions Guide
Appendix P, Special Procedures Rule 42

ISAF Match Racing Call Book 2009 - 2012
ISAF Team Racing Call Book 2009 - 2012 
Arbitration Procedure
Protest Form - Committee
Protest Form - Sailor
Link to Appeals Book log-in page (US Sailing member ID # required)

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